Discover the Natural Underwater Paradise in Eastern of Indonesia

Clear and calm sea with mesmerizing blue color that sometimes mixed with green color is keeping the priceless jewel that is very natural and diverse to ever be discovered. This place is mesmerizing and truly will become the valuable holiday destination for the people who love marine life and diving as well as the people who wish to be able to get away from the crowded places. Visit Raja Ampat and realize how peaceful and untouchable this area. Discover great place with the beautiful natural sceneries and mesmerizing underwater life below the calm water of the sea.

Introducing the Bird’s Head Seascape

Stepping foot on one of the large islands of Raja Ampat, means that visitors are entering the conservation area that is protected by law. Certainly, the law created in order to protect the marine life under the water of Raja Ampat. The Bird’s Head Seascape is covering area 183,000 square km and in addition to that, there are more of 9,100 square km of additional conservation area added. Nowadays, Raja Ampat is famous for being a diver diving site for the divers and is a great escape from business and the daily routines of living in such big cities.

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Tranquil Holiday in Sanur

Spending your precious time in the island of gods is a guarantee of once in a life time and memorable experience for you and your family. This beautiful small island in Indonesia has fame with its charming and exotic beaches, the picturesque view and the excellent wave gave Bali the name as one of the surfer paradise. But other than the beaches, you can find a lot more in this island, there are many selections of activities that you can enjoy during your holiday here. From the artistic and cultural activities such as strolling along the rice field in Ubud, the art capital of Bali and watching dancer dances in temple or on the cliff of a beach, until the lavish night life in Kuta and Seminyak where you can find many excellent bars and discotheques for you who love to party. Or you may find yourself in the classy life of Sanur. Continue reading

The Exotic Place, the Comfortable Places to Stay

The prestige of Bali has known by so many people in the world. Even every year this place is always visited by so many people from domestic or another country. The panorama and the culture is the main aspect that makes this place so interesting to visit. Even it also can be the perfect place to honeymoon. The site tour of this island is also varied. Nature tourism or culture tourism are available in this place. If you want the new experience and feel the tropical environment, this is the perfect place to visit.

Beside it offer the good site tour, the accommodation like hotel and villa are also spread a long the site tour. The type of villa is also varied. But to get the perfect place, it is so recommended to know the villa related first. It will greatly assist in finding the right place to stay. Actually there are so many type of living place in this place. But the unique thing that cannot be left is the culture touch. If you want to feel the real vacation in Bali, make sure to choose the unique hotel or villa.

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Holiday in Casa Mateo Villa

The vacationers that choose Bali as their place to stay for the holiday know what kind of tropical adventure that they will find. The beautiful sandy beach, the magnificent view and the enchanted culture will bring the vacationer to the true tropical paradise in Indonesia. At the island of god guest can enjoy the tranquility and the serenity that hard to find in the big city. The impressive natural scenery of Bali and the hospitality of the people surely give you the memorable tropical journey that you want. It may be worth to rent Bali luxury villa, a nice place where you can discover the true meaning of relaxation. Continue reading

Jimbaran Bali

Jimbaran well know as the fishing village in Bali with plenty of luxurious accommodations, lies in the neck of the Southern Peninsula in Bali. This beautiful beach is popular for its white sandy beach, with a long string of seafood restaurants. The best kitchens marinate the fish in garlic and lime then douse it with chili and oil while grilling over coconut husks. The usual deal is to select your seafood fresh from iced displays or tanks, and to pay according the weight. Diner tables are set up nicely at the beach with romantic candlelight. While feasting of your grilled fish, prawns, lobsters you can enjoy a lovely sunset.

If your looking for a stay in Jimbaran we can recommend you Mango Tree Villas, situated in the heart of Jimbaran village, captures the very essence of the Balinese lifestyle with a contemporary elegance accent. This luxury one-bedroom villa, shaded under old mango trees, is an ideal choice for those looking for ethnic surroundings yet in a modern and stylish tropical living. The holiday villa is a short walk to Jimbaran market and temple; five minutes stroll to the famous Jimbaran beach and 10 minute drive from Ngurah Rai Airport. The formal Balinese architecture makes use of local materials, such as white palimanan stone, teak wood, and Paras river stone, together with wooden iron wooden shingle roofs. Mango Tree Villas offers a blend of air-conditioned comfort and tropical open-air living. The villa is composed of open living room and dining with a well-equipped kitchen with fridge and Nespresso coffee machine, a 9-metre lap pool and private garden. The bedroom is equipped with satellite flat screen TV and DVD player.

Canggu Villas Bali Is the Best Choice

There are many reasons why many tourists choose Bali as a holiday destination. Bali is a very beautiful island. Besides that, Balinese also has an amazing variety of cultures, so Bali to be one great place for holiday. Make sure you have included the island of Bali as one of your family vacation destination. There many types of villas are offered as a complement in your best holiday. One option is a canggu villas bali. It has many modern villa-style accommodations with authentic and classy. You can enjoy the diverse beauty of Bali Island comfortably and safely.

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Silence Day (Nyepi) 2012

These day for fasting are the only holy days calculated according to the Hindu – Balinese solar calender and Nyepi is meant as the Hindu – Balinese New Year’s day. Annually at the beginning of the tenth month or at the end of the ninth month or in March. Nyepi day is celebrated throughout Bali. For year 2012 will clelebrate on 23rd March 2012 (Caka Year 1934) . Continue reading

Living in Bali

You may already know, that outright land ownership is only available to Indonesian citizen or entities. However, it is possible and widely practiced to secure a foreigner’s interest in property obtained. If done properly, due diligence taken and based on advice of experienced professionals with all documentation carefully completed, you will be able to safely hold your investment. Continue reading